“The true opposite of depression is neither gaiety nor absence of pain, but vitality—the freedom to experience spontaneous feelings. It is part of the kaleidoscope of life that these feelings are not only happy, beautiful, or good but can reflect the entire range of human experience, including envy, jealousy, rage, disgust, greed, despair, and grief. But this freedom cannot be achieved if its childhood roots are cut off. Our access to the true self is possible only when we no longer have to be afraid of the intense emotional world of early childhood. Once we have experienced and become familiar with this world, it is no longer strange and threatening.”
― Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self

Welcome to the Integrative Therapy Centre!

I am a body-centred, experiential, emotionally focussed and psychodynamic psychotherapist.  I work with the whole person: mind, body, emotional and existential. I support you in exploring how your past continues to impact your present life. Within a safe, supportive therapeutic space- focused reflection and awareness are the beginning steps to alter attitudes, beliefs, historical narratives, thoughts patterns and automatic behaviours.  As we develop awareness about what is meaningful to us as individuals, so do we begin to listen more attentively to ourselves. As a therapist, my ultimate goal is to provide an accepting, open environment to allow for self exploration and integration.

Many of us seek help due to feeling unhappy, conflicted, dissatisfied, anxious and overwhelmed with life. We are often blocked creatively and/or emotionally, and are going through the motions of living with ineffective coping strategies.  We cannot stop the mind chatter enough to fall asleep or relax.  Feelings of emptiness, loneliness and alienation might overwhelm us.   We search for ways to escape this construct we live in, but tend to fall back into repetitive, stuck patterns.  Our distress and overwhelming emotions are a wake up call to alter how we function and choices we make in our life.

My focus is to help you make behavioural and emotional changes so that your actions reflect a life that has: more meaning, authentic connections, balance and fullness.   Shifting from living according to others' acceptance, fear of judgement, expectations and norms; to become more genuine, more present, directly honest, spontaneous, loving and creative.