Clinical supervision is a central component in the training and practice of pre-licensed clinicians, psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health practitioners.

Some of the supervision topics explored are:

  • Developing awareness of transference and countertransference (Use of self in clinical work)

  • Integrating theoretical orientations.

  • Getting support for complex cases.

  • Treatment planning.

  • Interventions or exploring therapeutic models to use in cases.

  • Ethical issues, including boundaries.

  • Work-related stressors.

  • Career goals.

  • Developing confidence and applying therapeutic values to clinical practice.

  • Self-care.

    Supervision aids in professional growth and development, while ensuring the wellbeing of clients. As a clinical supervisor, I provide a safe place to explore professional development while also supporting yourself to prevent burnout.

    I am an experienced clinician with more than 20 years of private practice and community and hospital social work. I have supervised MSW students through Wilfrid Laurier, Windsor and Kings College and provided supervision to training psychotherapists. I have post graduate certifications in areas of speciality: eating disorders, mind body psychotherapy, expressive arts and trauma. My primary orientation is psychodynamic with ability to layer other therapeutic methods, such as: ACT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, IFS & CBT.

Cost for one hour supervision is $140.00

Discounted rates for 4 sessions: $120 per session, $480