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Summer Retreat 2018: From Scared to Stable: Allowing the Body to Speak

  • From Scared to Stable: Allowing the Body to Speak Ontario Canada (map)

From Scared to Stable: Allowing the Body to Speak

A 5 day intensive therapeutic retreat to address : trauma, mood, chronic pain, addictions, life transitions, loss, and personal growth.

The primary focus of this retreat is to facilitate you to feel open, receptive and safe to allow for deep emotions and expressions of them, because out of struggles come our beauty.

Facilitated by Dorit Osher and Brooke Stewart

July 30-August 3, 2018, Arrival noon and leave at noon

Location: Beaver Valley in Southern Ontario in the heart of Grey County at the southern tip of Georgian Bay. 

What will it look like:
We will have access to an art studio, creative materials, and space for movement and meditation.

Each morning will begin with movement to warm and open the body, and transition into deep relaxation with exploring various somatic practices.  

Information will be shared about how past experiences can create both resilience and pain in the present, and we will work to create a better understanding of our autonomic nervous system and the things it needs to stay healthy and to help us feel calm and safe.

Though many mental health interventions and treatment plans currently address the symptoms of a person (for example, depression, anxiety, OCD etc), the goal of this retreat to so become immersed in an expressive, embodied experience, so that changes can be felt at the core. When we allow ourself to go and feel this deep place of pain and disconnection, we can also begin to heal these parts of ourselves that are creating the symptoms we are struggling with, and so make meaning of our physical and mental anguish.

Co-Facilitated with Brooke Stewart:
Brooke is a graduate from the University of Toronto, having received a Master’s of Social Work specializing in Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency. In her graduate studies, the teachings focused on the intergenerational impacts of trauma, and incorporated leading edge research on how experiences of early childhood traumas impact the development of the nervous system and the human bodies ability to be resilient during future painful events.

Cost $1000 inclusive of accommodation, meals and retreat. Receipts are given for reimbursement or the amount can be claimed as a health expense. Payment can be made via cheque, etransfer ro credit.  

Prior intake for each person interested will be organized via Skype, telephone or FaceTime with both Brooke and myself.


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