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Ecological Residence

  • The Fitz Hostel 4 Mill street Lions Head Ontario Canada (map)

Listen from within.  Notice your skin membrane, the border that allows inner and outer to enter and leave.  Allow outer, natural space to affect inner.  Find the inbetween, a threshold...Wait...and pass through.  

This embodied movement residency develops the perception, imagination, and presence of the body through physical experiences in nature. A textured natural landscape reveals itself, lending us its vulnerability, its cycles and its patterns and how it affect our posture, our sensations and our thoughts.  Perceiving from inside the body to the natural environment and vis versa, a continuous feedback systems,  we develop a detailed practice of physical listening.  We enter into a resonance with the place, the group, an object, organic material and our imaginative self.  The space inbetween, inside and outside dissolve to encourage a flow of consciousness.   


I restore myself to place my innate self in the centre of my life story and this is reflected in my relationship with found natural object and space.

Through sensory experiences: tactile listening and multiple ways of sensing and receiving, we open passages between the body and the environment, reality and imagination, the individual and the group. We open our skin membrane to allow our nerves to hear, listen and feel our living natural space that surrounds us. 

I allow myself to get lost in this discover to find unknown magical stories and images, and unknown pathways.

DAILY HAPPENINGS                                            

Begin the day warming the body through working with exercise balls, hiking, imagery based movement journeys.  We come into active stillness through breath and embodied anatomy.  With open awareness we allow sensations to take a central focus as we support with breath, sound and micro movement.

The day continues with individual, partner and group inquiry: 

The second part of the day is dedicated to the encounter of the body and the natural environment. 

Walking meditations invite us to be present to the affect of sounds, textures, patterns, shadows, details, entering and leaving spaces.  We will spend time with a found area, object or space that calls to us to allow a relationship to develop and engage in blindfolded exercises to discover being guided and ways of guiding an other. 

This weekend residency is for artists, creative explorers in dance, visual arts, writers, poets and multidisciplinary artists.  A beautiful supported creative journey to open to new ideas, creative blocks and inspire new practices.

We will be living in a shared house with a kitchen.  Food can be brought and we can cook together. 

Cost $300 for the week includes residency and accommodation.  There is a full kitchen to cook meals.