Education, retreats  and workshops for adults are offered that draw on the power of the body and creativity for expression, insight and transformation.  

All trainings, workshops, and retreats utilize body-centred expressive arts approaches.  Embodied movement cultivates an experience of feeling alive in ones body through highlighting sensations.  As the body becomes the central guide in telling our stories, we open up imaginative possibilities through creating images, voice, spoken word and writing.  

Training opportunities are offered for master level psychotherapists and social workers to develop a tool kit to use the expressive arts as a viable options for working with clients with trauma histories, mistuned attachment relationships and emotional regulation difficulties. Evidence based theories are central to these trainings and this includes: object relations, attachment theory , trauma neurologically informed theory and expressive arts theory.

These day long training can also be offered on-site.

Therapeutic retreats are intensive immersion in this healing approach for those struggling with trauma, attachment difficulties, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, life transitions and other changes.

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Dorit is not quick to make a diagnosis or determine therapeutic orientation to help you. She is reflective, collaborative in how she explores issues and communicates openly with the intention for true authentic connection. She is wise and intelligent with years of experience, yet she is so humble and human.

- Maria