Fantasy is the archetypal activity of the psyche…it is never merely mentally subjective, but is always being enacted and embodied.
— Carl Jung

WORKSHOPS, Classes and Retreats

Workshops, classes and retreats for adults and youth are offered that draw on the power of the body and creativity for expression, insight and transformation.  As the body becomes the central guide in telling our stories, we open up to imaginative possibilities through the creative arts.

We strive for heightened consciousness, presence and generating new ideas that lead to putting them into practice.

Body based creative arts are powerful tools to use for:

  • trauma

  • addictions

  • eating disorders

  • chronic pain

  • mood, anxiety, depression

  • life changes and transitions

  • grief and loss

  • creative blocks

Rather than an ever increasing diaspora of diagnosis (and drugs) in a utopian search for (a deadening) ‘normality’, wouldn’t it be a more constructive activity to focus on how we deal with the endless problems that present themselves to human existence, without labels but in thoughtful and humane ways, that is, in ways that respectfully address the complexities inherent to living a life? Rather than objective truth, what matters, according to Gilles Deleuze, what matters is to be able to have noble and fraternal ways of engaging with the ailing earth so as to revitalize not only ourselves but also the whole ecology in which we exist.